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This is just a quick introduction to batch loading content into content server with the Batch Loader application. The application can be run from the command line as well as in graphical mode. I normally run it in graphical mode.

Sometimes we encounter the need to perform a search in content server that requires a lot of work with the <OR> query operator. Between that and a few other variables it might be possible to craft a query that is too long for content server. This happens especially with generated queries. If you are using universal query syntax or a verity engine for your search engine you might also encounter this. If the data you are searching on is metadata based you might be better off temporarily switching over to a database based search on the fly to find your results. 

If you are trying to squeeze additional performance out of your production servers you might look into adding the setting DisableSharedCacheChecking. This would be placed in your config.cfg file or under general configuration through the admin server. As always, it may help to perform some kind of analysis or metrics gathering prior to adding the configuration and then re-analyze after configuration implementation. What this boils down to is content server watching dynamic html resource includes in components to see if they need to be reloaded.

Using “View Server Output” from the admin server can tell you a lot about what is going on inside your content server. The server output can accumulate so much information it can easily be overwhelming. To help with this we are going to take a closer look at the tracing sections and how we can expand the built in list of sections to allow us to trace and troubleshoot the code we build for content server. 

Welcome to the inaugural post for the Redstone Content Solutions Technical Blog! I am, of course, obligated to demonstrate the use of the coreContentOnly flag in my first post. I wanted to present an actual concept out of the gate and I will follow up later with a post about who I am and my agenda.

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