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There are several ways to execute iDocScript from Java, but in this quick example we will use a PageMerger object.  There are several ways to get ahold of a PageMerger object.  If you are executing in a context where a service object is readily available you may be able to get a PageMerger object reference with code like this:

Occasionally, you might have the need to perform what is known as a metadata only check-in. To perform this action you will need a configuration variable known as AllowPrimaryMetaFile. This variable allows users to check in metadata only records. Similarly there is another configuration variable you may want to keep in mind known as AllowAlternateMetaFile. These settings will create check boxes next to the primary and alternate file inputs. 

It is early in the project and you create a nifty Java application to access content server.  It executes a few services and generally accomplishes some black wizardry that people OH and AH over.  Everything is going well.  You are just about to board the corporate jet for that all expense paid developer retreat in Hawaii when they call you back with a problem.

In the oracle forums today a question came up about how to add custom actions to the menus in the actions drop downs for the Content Information page (sometimes called the Doc Info page).  I wanted to dive into this a little more because in 10gR3 the way the developers crafted the menus is much more extensible.  It is very nice.  Somebody should get a raise.

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