A First Post About The Core Content Only Flag

July 15, 2008

Welcome to the inaugural post for the Redstone Content Solutions Technical Blog! I am, of course, obligated to demonstrate the use of the coreContentOnly flag in my first post. I wanted to present an actual concept out of the gate and I will follow up later with a post about who I am and my agenda.

The concept is simple. By placing the string coreContentOnly=1 in the URL while visiting a page in Content Server you can reduce the page to the core content only (yes, hence the flag name!). This page reduction strips away top menus, left menus, headers, footers, etc. One might wonder how this is useful. Various activities in Desktop Integration and Site Studio Designer take advantage of this scenario. This little bit of magic is possible because of the way the template type portions of the page such as headers and footers are coded in the content server core. In other words, it is very possible for you to create a layout not using base content server includes and not have this functionality work for you. Hopefully this is not a surprise for anyone!

Let’s see this in action:

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