Announcing Redstone Content Solutions!

July 21, 2009

Announcing: Redstone Content Solutions

I have been working with my business partner, John Klein, to form a new Advanced Training & Consulting company focused on Oracle products. We work specifically in the Enterprise 2.0 landscape. Please visit our new website to learn more about us and our services. Please feel free to contact us at any time for answers to your questions.

As one might imagine, starting a new company can be a bit of an adventurous undertaking. I wanted to take a moment to thank the various people who offered so much help and advice. So as to protect the innocent, we will not get into names, however, you all know who you are. Thank you so much for reviewing our content, tearing apart the website and answering way too many questions about running a business, accounting, insurance and legal advice.

Press Release: Open For Business

The Blog The presence of and my involvement and commitment to Redstone Content Solutions will have no negative effect on Core Content Only. I intend to continue posting code samples and giving away free components as time permits. In fact, the possibility of MORE posting and samples is very real as time may actually be more available now that we have opened Redstone Content Solutions.

Belated Anniversary Nearly one year ago, on July 14th, 2008, I released the first post for Core Content Only. One full, eventful year later I want thank you for visiting my corner of the internet and I appreciate all the feedback presented by my various visitors. I hope you have found the last year as rewarding as I have.

One year has presented 104 posts or approximately 8.6 posts per month as well as 14 free downloadable examples/components. This is a little below my posting target of 10 posts a month while still satisfying my "freebie quota" of one new download per month.

One of the most interesting parts of any public endeavor is monitoring the statistics. The first couple of months were a little slow and it was fun to see the visits and page views spike whenever the blog was mentioned in another public space. Visits and page views have fairly consistently grown by about 10% each month. The download page gets the most traffic by far.

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