Fusion ECM Development Environment Part Two- Prep Work

January 15, 2009

In part two of this series of articles about setting up a Fusion ECM Development Environment we will tackle some prep work as we near the actual installation of Content Server.


I use the 2.2.x vein of Apache which can be downloaded from http://httpd.apache.org. As of this writing the current version was 2.2.11. Remember, the content server has an embedded JSP/Servlet engine for executing JSPs, so this version of apache is all we need for basic content server operations. Download apache, run through the simple install process and we are pretty well all set to go from a web server perspective.

Now, if you have IIS7 installed as well you will need to perform some balancing acts here or change the ports for one or both of those web servers so that they can run at the same time. The general outlook in this series is that IIS7 is not installed.


Additionally we will be using the installation of SQL Server Express 2005 that we already have setup. We are going to let the content server installer create the tables for us, but we need to create the database first. So, open the management console by using Start > All Programs > Microsoft SQL Server 2005 > SQL Server Management Studio Express. Once logged in right click databases and select 'New Database'. In the resulting form make sure to place a check mark in the 'Use full text indexing' checkbox. Fill out the other form fields as desired and click 'Ok'. There, now the database is ready.


To use the database we are going to need to get the latest version of the jTDS JDBC drivers. These are free. Download a copy of the drivers and stash that with your content server installation software. At the time of writing the latest version was 1.2.2.

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