Guest Access To Accounts

January 29, 2009

Out-of-the-box unauthenticated users that interact with Content Server have access to a special account called #none. As a wise man MIGHT guess this is a way of saying "Here's your badge to access content with no account."

Great, but what if I wanted to grant read access to a particular account or accounts for guest?

For this, we need to add a configuration setting named "DefaultAccounts" to /config/config.cfg. When we add this setting we use the name of the account along with a set of parenthesis detailing the access level allowed. Let's see this in action:


In this case guests accessing the system have read access to content with the Manuals or Contracts accounts.

So, don't forget:

  1. #none - grants access for content without accounts
  2. #all - grants access to content with any account
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