Metadata Only Check-In

September 15, 2008

Occasionally, you might have the need to perform what is known as a metadata only check-in. To perform this action you will need a configuration variable known as AllowPrimaryMetaFile. This variable allows users to check in metadata only records. Similarly there is another configuration variable you may want to keep in mind known as AllowAlternateMetaFile. These settings will create check boxes next to the primary and alternate file inputs. This might look like:


These variables should be set to true in the config.cfg file. They can also be set through the admin server in the general configuration. These changes will require a content server restart.

Why would one want to use a metadata only check-in? Often these serve as the records to track things like places or people. Perhaps they can even represent reusable hyperlinks. These data records are then used with tools such as Site Studio in which a designer can create pages and craft the data records into some type of meaningful display.






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