OCE 19.2.3 Released

June 7, 2019

Oracle Documentation What's New

Check out the link above to learn about 14+ documented new features in Oracle Content and Experience Cloud version 19.2.3, released on Friday, June 7th, 2019.

Here are a few of my favorite new features.

Connector Content Type Mapping

Previously, connectors were rather simple. When creating a connector, you basically implement a series of service endpoints to retrieve a file (specifically an image) from another service. With this release we can map external data to content fields. This is really cool because we can now create actual content items allowing us to model external assets (think Vimeo or YouTube).

Annotations for Sites and Assets

You can now add an annotation to a site. Just like with documents, the annotation highlights a conversation comment. This makes discussing changes to a site or page very handy. Perhaps even MORE interesting though, you can annotate and discuss individual fields on an asset.

Bulk Asset Delete

Yes, finally. Have you ever created a lot of assets during testing and then suddenly realized cleaning these up was going to be a huge pain? I used to script deleting assets because it was such an annoyance. Now, you can multiselect assets and delete them all in one swift action.

Content Type Improvements

Content (Asset) Repository Architects got some handy new tools with this release. You can add a "required" field to an existing content type. You can also now specify multiple content types for reference fields. These two new options offer model developers a lot more creativity and flexibility.

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