OCE 19.3.1 Released

July 12, 2019

Oracle Documentation What's New

Check out the link above to learn about 13+ documented new features in Oracle Content and Experience Cloud version 19.3.1, released on Friday, July 12th, 2019.

Here are a few of my favorite new features.

Copy assets from one repository to another

Repo managers can now copy assets from one repo to another. The system will even update the associated content types in the destination repo if they haven't already been added. I've been able to use this several times already and it works pretty well.

Embedded content (JSON) data field in content types

A cool new Content Type field type that can contain JSON for those more advanced data needs. This opens a few new options for those creating assets with the REST API as well. You can now store much more advanced data in your assets.

Enhanced order by options for Content List component

You can now sort your list by the content type's date, number, or decimal fields, or enter your own custom sort expression! This is really a big step up for those using the dynamic Content List functionality.

Search for pages in Site Builder

For those of you that have a LOT of pages, or even those of you with just a few pages but some interesting nesting, you can now type a page name and find that page right away. This is really, really handy. To get this to work other changes were completed under the hood that also had the benefit of speeding up the Page tray in general. Win-win.

Add child pages in-place in Site Builder

You can now add a page directly under the selected page. No more adding the page, then dragging it or moving it to another location.

REST API for Sites Management

New REST API for managing sites.

T2P (Test to Production) Process

The Oracle Content and Experience Toolkit command-line interface offers many new commands to help you move assets, components, templates, themes, etc. between all your OCE Instances.

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