OCE 19.3.3 Released

September 9, 2019

Oracle Documentation What's New

Check out 18+ documented new features in Oracle Content and Experience Cloud version 19.3.3, released on Monday, September 9th, 2019.

Here are a few notable changes and enhancements...

Smart Content

Oh boy! This one is super cool. Smart Content improves your ability to discover images without having to take all the time to tag those images with a controlled vocabulary or even a simple categorization strategy. Check out the video "Understand Smart Content".

Multi-value Large Text Fields

We have had large text fields in content items for a while now. However, this enhancement opens the ability to have multiple large text associations for a field. Think of a "Book" content item with a field named "Chapters". Each chapter could be a large text field.

Content Type definitions now allow you to create field groups. This will allow for simplified input screens when creating assets.

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