OCE 19.4.1 Released

October 7, 2019

Oracle Documentation What's New

Check out 12+ documented new features in Oracle Content and Experience Cloud version 19.4.1, released on Monday, October 7th, 2019.

Here are a few notable changes and enhancements...

Page anchors

You can now create links to Site Pages including using anchors to link directly to a part of the page. For this work you will need to use the OCE Toolkit to create an Anchor Section Layout Component to use on your site. Alternatively, you can create your own component and add code similar to this:

// Check if anchorName matches the hash in the URL
if (window.location.hash === '#' + anchorName) {
    $(document).on('scsrendercomplete', function(){

JSON data field with schema

Now supports JSON schema when used in a content item. You can use JSON schema forms and preview the form when defining the content item. Interesting technology used under the hood: Alpaca Forms

Webhooks for asset activity

Create webhooks to post notifications based on asset events. Future releases will add more events for hooks.

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