OCE 20.1.2 Released

February 7, 2020

Oracle Documentation - What's New

Friday, February 7th, 2020 Oracle released Oracle Content and Experience Cloud version 20.1.2 with 16+ documented features and enhancements!

Here are a few of my favorites:

Copy URL of Image Renditions

Contributors can now copy the Delivery URL of renditions of published assets. Prior to this feature there was no easy way for contributors to get these URLs. Now, we can navigate to a Digital Asset, opent the renditions panel on the right and select Copy URL from the menu of any rendition (custom created or automated). Learn more.

Responsive Table Design

Code and documentation now support creating responsive table design in Site Builder. Find out more.

Hide Seeded Components by Theme

As a developer you may not want to allow contributors to use specific out-of-the-box (seeded) components in your site pages. With this feature, your theme can hide any seeded components you do not wish to have used. See How!

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