OCE 20.1.3 Released

March 6, 2020

Oracle Documentation - What's New

Friday March 6th, 2020 Oracle released Oracle Content and Experience Cloud version 20.1.3 with 19+ features, enhancements, fixes and announcements.

If you used Oracle Policy Automation please note this has been rebranded Oracle Intelligent Advisor.

Here are some of my favorite parts of the update:

Guided Tours Updated

The Guided Tours were updated. If you've never seen these check them out now. This is a great list to browse, especially if you're just getting started with OCE. View Tours.

Hide Alignment, Width and Spacing Options

Theme Developers can now edit component.json file to hide Width or Spacing options in the settings of a component. This can help your contributors create sites with a consistent look and feel. See How.

Compile a Mobile Site with OCE Sites Toolkit

OCE has been able to specify content layouts for Desktop and Mobile for some time. If you use a fully responsive design you may not need this capability. However, allowing a different layout to be used for desktop versus mobile (called Adaptive Design) allows developers to create more immersive, tailored customer experiences. Now, the OCE Sites Toolkit supports this as well and can compile a static site for mobile. See How!

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