OCE 20.2.2 Released

May 8, 2020

Oracle Documentation - What's New

Friday, May 8th, 2020 Oracle released Oracle Content and Experience Cloud version 20.2.2 with 20+ features, enhancements, fixes and announcements.

Here are some of my favorite parts of the update:Welcome to the Oracle CX Content What’s New Recap

Video Plus

As you probably know, in release 20.2.1 Oracle added a new for-cost add-on feature named Video Please. In this release you can edit Video Plus assets directly in OCE. You can trim videos as well as setting clips to fade in and out. There are other interesting features coming down the pipe for Video Plus assets as well. Something to keep an eye on.

Adobe Creative Cloud Extension

We also continue to see enhancements for the Adobe Creative Cloud extension. Your designers can now update asset properties directly in the extension.

Smart Content

For users with Smart Content enabled OCE can now process content items in a repository and suggest categories to which large groups of content items can be quickly and easily assigned.

And a new filter has been added to identify assets that have been recategorized.


Do you use recommendations yet? More functionality is steadily being added to the recommendations engine. In this release you can now create complex expressions to assemble detailed results when creating recommendations. You can use the AND operator and the ALL operator to determine how multiple rules and sub-groups interact.


For our site editors and contributors, we now have the ability to upload content directly in SiteBuilder. No more need to jump out to the Asset repository or keep it in a separate tab.

New in this release is a featured named Custom Site Properties. This name/value pairs are stored with a site allowing you to customize/parameterize the site. These properties can be used in site-wide javascript or components to make your code react differently in your various sites.

SharePoint Online Content Connector

There is also a new Microsoft SharePoint Online Content Connector!


Finally, you can now use a search API from the REST API for Documents to search metadata fields of a Date type. This enables you to search for exact date matches or for a range of dates

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