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December 7, 2009

One of the easiest ways to see what might be going wrong, or right, in Content Server is the use of trace sections on the System Audit page. Trace sections allow you a great variety of control over what kind of information shows up in the server output.

See this former blog entry for more detailed information about tracing:

Content Server Tracing and Creating Your Own Custom Trace Sections

Refreshing the Server Output to show you what is going on can get annoying though. If you add this entry to General Configuration or config.cfg and restart you can get server output to be written to disk:


To find the log on the disk look under the directory that is appropriate for your Operating System.

Windows: /bin/IdcServerNT.log

Linux: /etc/log

Now that you have found the log, it would be easier to keep an eye on what’s going on by using something like the tail command in Linux/UNIX. The tail command, with the -f switch will continuously show the data being added to the log file. In Linux you simply use this command:

tail -f /etc/log

There are several applications available that add similar functionality for windows:

http://tailforwin32.sourceforge.net/ http://www.baremetalsoft.com/baretail/index.php http://www.withdata.com/tail4win.html

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