Paging Your Custom ResultSet

March 26, 2009

When you want to get paging controls for your ResultSet and the ResultSet in question is SearchResults from one of a few search services you can include the xui_results_page_nav_controls dynamic html snippet to get paging controls on your page. You may have to jump through a few hoops because the buttons may not currently point to YOUR page. That is doable with some detective work.

But what if you have a custom ResultSet that you want to page across? Your service points to your template which may include snippets from your resource file. Somewhere in there you carefully create your own ResultSet. Now you want to display this with x records at a time.

This Paging Sample Component shows one way to accomplish this task. I create a dummy ResultSet, display x records to the page, and setup paging controls at the bottom. Quick, dirty and certainly could use more work, but I wanted to get the sample out there.

Install, restart, and visit:


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