Remove Profile Horizontal Rules

January 17, 2009

The idea for this component is not my own, I actually noticed this during a demo at one point. The concept is to remove the

(horizontal rules) on the check in and search pages and instead use Rule Groupings with headers.

Here we see a check in profile where groupings with headers were setup but the horizontal rules are still in place:

And with this component installed and enabled we can remove the horizontal rules:

This component has a preference variable that allows this functionality to be turned on and off without restarting the content server service/process. Visit the component manager page in the admin server. Select RemoveProfileHorizontalRules from the drop down next to the update button. Click update.

By entering false in the box and clicking update the horizontal rules will be visible again.

Here is a sample component that Removes Profile Horizontal Rules (Build 1), as described above.


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