Start WebLogic Managed Server Without Username and Password

July 27, 2010

After you install UCM 11gR1 you may occassionally (or often) start your UCM managed server from the command line. When you do this, you will get prompted for your weblogic username and password. If you get tired of this you can create a text file named In this file, put the following:

username=<your user name here, example: weblogic>
password=<your password here, example weblogic1>

Save the file and place it here:


You may need to create the security directory.

The next time you start your manage server you will not need to supply the user name or password. The values for these will be pulled from the file. Additionally, the values in your file will be encrypted and written back to the file. After you have booted the managed server, you can open the properties file and view the encrypted values.

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