OCE Toolkit Sample Commands

January 30, 2020

Oracle Content and Experience Cloud (OCE) Toolkit Sample Commands

These commands were last validated against Toolkit version 20.1.1c on January 30, 2020.

Assumptions / Setup

  1. OCE Toolkit Installed
  2. Source server registered as "srcsrv" (cec register-server)
  3. Destination server registered as "dstsrv" (cec register-server)
  4. The source server already has a site name "mysite"

Sample Commands

How do I get a local copy of my site (a.k.a, download it as a template?)

# Delete the current template if one exists
cec delete-template tpl_mysite --permanent --server srcsrv

# Create a new template, this pulls in page updates, site setting changes, etc.
cec create-template-from-site tpl_mysite --site mysite --includeunpublishedassets --server srcsrv

# Download the template
cec download-template tpl_mysite --server srcsrv

How do I download a page data file from my site?

cec download-file site:mysite/pages/10.json --server srcsrv

How do I upload a page data file from my local template to my site?

cec upload-file src/templates/blog1Temp/pages/10.json --folder site:mysite/pages --server srcsrv

How do I download all page data files for my site?

cec download-folder site:mysite/pages --server srcsrv

How do I update all the page data files from my local template to my site?

cec upload-folder src/templates/tpl_mysite/pages/ -f site:mysite/pages

How do I update digital assets and content items for my site?

cec upload-content mysite --template --repository mysiterepo --channel mysitechannel

How do I copy/update a site from a source to a destination server?

If mysite doesn’t exist on server b, it will be created, otherwise updated

cec transfer-site mysite --server srcsrv --destination dstsrv

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