Using Java Server Pages With Content Server – And an Example

December 12, 2008

Setting up content server to execute a JSP (Java Server Pages) is relatively simple. There should be some amount of caution in deciding the Security Groups to enable for JSP execution. With a JSP you can very nearly do ANYTHING, so you want to make sure only trusted sources can check-in and execute as JSP in your content server.

Great, now that the marketing message is out of the way we should get down to business. Just how does one JSP enable the content server? Simple. In your admin server under general configuration place a comma separated list of Security Groups that allow JSP execution. This comma separated list should have no spaces. This list represents security groups which allow the execution of java server pages. Technically, you can check your JSP into any security group. But only those which are checked into these specific security groups will be allowed to execute.

If you will be working with Java Server Pages you will want to be aware of the internal tomcat server log location. These logs are very handy for troubleshooting JSP errors. A JSP checked in as a normal piece of content AND a JSP checked in as a part of a Site Studio site will both record errors here. These logs are located here:


You can download and try out this Example Content Server JSP

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