Web URL Map Extras

April 26, 2019

Grab the Web URL Map Extras Component at the Downloads page.

In my Oracle OpenWorld 2009 demo I showed how to use the Web URL Map feature of Content Server to make images and renditions easier to use in Cascading Style Sheets. This post is about that topic and one of the components I demonstrated during that session.

One way to make referencing images (and especially renditions) in Cascading Style Sheets and other places in your web sites is to use the Web URL Mapping tool that comes with Content Server. Check out Kyle’s blog, he has a whole post about this feature.

I have several of these mappings that I always like to add to a server. So, I made a component that will add these mappings to the server when you install the component. Also, I wanted an example component showing how you can read from a defined map and add it to another map. Hence, the WebMapUrlExtras component was born and is available here.

WebMapUrlExtras adds the following four mappings.

w/ pass in a dDocName and get back the web rendition of an image

n/ pass in a dDocName and get back the native file

qs/ pass in a query string and get back the quick search results

r/ pass in a dDocName and get back the web rendition, or you can optionally specify the rendition by tagging on a ?Rendtion=

Prior to the component your Web Map URL configuration might look like this:

After installing the component and restarting it should look similar to this:


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